9 Items That Are  Always Cheaper at Aldi

Frozen Chicken Filets

It cooks up quickly and can be used to create sandwiches, salads, or pasta. Depending on where you live, a 24 oz. bag costs about $8.79.

Image Source: ALDI


It's likely that Aldi will provide costs that other grocery stores can't match whether you're shopping for regular eggs, cage-free eggs, or organic cage-free eggs.

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Samoa Cookie Knockoffs

Even though the Girl Scout Cookie season is gone, Aldi still sells imitation Samoa cookies.

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High-Quality, Fair-Trade Chocolate

The range of chocolate bars from Moser and Roth costs around half as much if you're in the market for high-quality chocolate

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Canned Goods

For "[w]ell under $1 per can" of essential canned products like beans, apples, and tomatoes, Schuering adores shopping at Aldi.

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Cheeses can really enhance a meal, whether you use them to make homemade mac and cheese or to create a cheese plate or charcuterie board.

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Fresh Herbs

The majority of supermarket stores appear to sell irritably little clamshells of fresh herbs for more than $3 each.

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Drink Mixes

Drink mixes from the Aldi brand cost less than half as much as those from Crystal Light. They also sell Mio Energy and Liquid IV under their own brands

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Vegan Items

The store's freezer department is filled with items under the surprisingly reasonable Earth Grown brand, many of which are vegan.

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