9 Costco Items That Look (or Taste)

Kirkland Signature Sangria

This sangria is made with real fruit juices and bottled in a beautiful bottle. It looks like it came from a fancy restaurant, but it's actually very affordable.

Stolzle Lausitz Wine Glasses

These wine glasses are elegant and sophisticated. They look like they would cost a lot of money,

Truffets de France Cocoa Truffles

These truffles are made with real cocoa and are coated in a chocolate shell. They look and taste like they came from a high-end chocolatier.

Life Comfort Reversible Sherpa Fleece Blanket

This blanket is soft and cozy. It looks and feels like it would cost a lot of money,

Vanity Table

This vanity table is stylish and functional. It looks like it came from a high-end furniture store, but it's actually very affordable at Costco.

Sur La Table Rice Cooker

This project would involve developing an NLP chatbot that can understand and respond to human language.

GloGlobe Wireless LED Color Changing Lanterns

These lanterns are decorative and functional.

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