7 Best Tree Decorating Tips From A Blue Ribbon Winner

1. Start with a Theme or Concept

Begin your tree decoration by selecting a theme or concept. Whether it's a winter wonderland, traditional red and green.

2. Choose a Focal Point

Identify a focal point for your tree—a standout ornament, a beautiful tree topper, or a unique ornament collection.

3. Layer Lights for Depth

Layering lights of varying sizes and types adds depth and dimension to your tree. Start with a base of string lights, then add larger bulbs or novelty lights for visual interest.

4. Mix Ornament Sizes and Textures

Mix different ornament sizes and textures to create visual appeal. Combine large statement pieces with smaller fillers like balls, icicles, etc.

5. Placement Technique: Inside-Out

When hanging ornaments, work from the inside of the tree to the outer branches. This technique ensures a balanced distribution and prevents overcrowding or leaving sparse areas.

6. Add Personal Touches

Incorporate personalized ornaments or sentimental decorations to infuse warmth and meaning into your tree.

7. Finish Strong with a Stunning Topper

Complete your tree decoration with a stunning tree topper. Whether it's a classic star, an angel, a bow, or a unique creation.


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