6 Items from the Dollar Store to buy for Flight Attendent

electrical tape

There are occasionally lights that turn on from the TV, WiFi router, or alarm clocks.

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set of clips

CiCi said there are a few different places at the dollar shop where you may find clips, but they are often next to the Tupperware or food storage section.

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sticky notes

Many times, people may leave things in the refrigerator or closet, which are places that are not directly in front of you.

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flight attendants gifts

According to CiCi, some passengers enjoy giving their flight attendants small gifts and sweets as a gesture of gratitude.

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alcohol wipes

CiCi cleans her airline seat with alcohol wipes, which is maybe the most evident.

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CiCi always puts being hydrated and moisturized first because she frequently works 10-plus-hour days in this arid atmosphere.

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