10 Walmart Food Items That Are Wastes of Money

Great Value Baking Mixes

It costs $4.18 for a 40-ounce pack of baking mix.

Image Source: Walmart

Great Value Peanut Butter

You have the option of using organic peanut butter or making it hygienically at home with fresh and healthful ingredients.

Image Source: Walmart

Organic Produce

The organic produce selections at Walmart aren't inherently of poor quality; rather, they are priced lower at other stores.

Image Source: Walmart

Pre-Cut Fruits and Vegetables

Whole produce can cost up to three times as much as pre-cut produce.

Image Source: Walmart

Frozen Chicken Nuggets

Investing in quality chicken or making homemade nuggets can be a healthier and tastier choice.

Image Source: Walmart

Pre-Packaged Salad Kits

You can make a healthier meal and save money by choosing whole, fresh veggies and making your own dressing.

Image Source: Walmart

Single-Serve Coffee Pods

You can cut waste and save money by buying a coffee grinder or making the switch to reusable coffee filters.

Image Source: Walmart

Pre-Packaged Deli Meats

Choosing freshly cut meats from the deli counter can be a more healthful option because you can manage the caliber and amount of ingredients.

Image Source: Walmart

Meat and Seafood

My personal experience has shown me that specialty shops or neighborhood butchers frequently have fresher, tastier selections.

Image Source: Walmart

Specialty or Exotic Spices

"Walmart is a great place to buy regular spices, but specialty or exotic spices can be pricey," Clark added. 

Image Source: Walmart

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