10 Items Retirees Should Buy at Target

Prescription medication

Depending on the prescription and other circumstances, the shop offers a list of generic prescription drugs for only $4 or $10.

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Cleaning supplies

A wonderful place to look for cleaning materials is Target. It provides a large variety of cleaning supplies

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Target offers a wide range of reasonably priced alternatives to help you stock your cupboard with staples like cinnamon and garlic powder

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Paper products

To help you save even more money, Target sells its own versions of these goods under the Up and Up in-store label.

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To create a stunning new home, check out Target's furniture collection for reasonably priced pieces like tables, chairs, desks, dressers, and more.

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Home decor

After retiring and spending so much time at home, you could be growing a little tired of certain things. 

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For frequent trips to the pool or unique one-time vacation, Target carries a wide selection of bathing suits and swimsuit cover-ups.

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Greeting cards

You may send your grandkids birthday wishes with Target's collection of inexpensive gift cards, or you can simply choose a card to let someone know you're thinking of them.

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Holiday items

Pick up holiday-themed snacks and candy for a discount after the holiday if you're shopping for groceries on a tight budget.

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Small appliances

Purchase that air fryer you've been eyeing or invest in a blender so you can create smoothies at home instead of going out.

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